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    106Chun-Fang Chiang, Hsiu-Han Shih, 2017, "Consumer Preferences regarding News Slant and Accuracy in News Programs," Taiwan Economic Review,  (TSSCI).Hsiu-Han Shih
    1062017, 第十一卷, 第二期, 頁59-116. (具匿名審稿制度).Liaw, Peir-Shyan
    1062017, 53, 207-221. (SSCI).Chu, Hsun
    1062017, 24, 3, 455-476. (TSSCI).Liu, Chung-Shu
    1062017, 21, 1-16. (SSCI).Chang, Cheng-Wei
    1062017, "Stratified Market Equilibria: An Application of Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Analysis," 7, 1, 1-14.Chen, Wen-Den
    106Hsiu-Han Shih, Ming-Jen Lin, 2017, "Does Anxiety Affect Adolescent Academic Performance? The Inverted-U Hypothesis Revisited," Journal of Labor Research, 38, 1, 45-81. (SSCI).Hsiu-Han Shih
    106Heim, Bradley T., and LeeKai Lin, 2017, "Does Health Reform Lead to an Increase in Early Retirement? Evidence from Massachusetts," ILR Review, 70.3, 704-732. (SSCI).Lee-Kai Lin
    106Lee-Kai Lin, Yan Sun, Bee Hoon Heng, Daniel Ek Kwang Chew, and Phui-Nah Chong, 2017, "Impact of medication adherence on glycemic control among newly diabetes patients," BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care ,  (SCIE).Lee-Kai Lin
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